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With over ten years of experience in PPC, we are prepared to take your business to the next level! Here at Dash, we offer small to medium size businesses a solid and highly measurable lead and revenue generation source that turns even the smallest budget into revenue on your bottom line. Even if you haven't seen a profit from your other advertising and lead generation sources.

Our Services


We'll analyze your current website and create a campaign that drives targeted traffic to increase your leads and revenue


We'll find more ways to increase the targeted traffic you receive from existing campaigns


We're experienced in many facets of PPC advertising, so please let us know if you need help in other areas


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Our Process

  • Initial Consultation - 30 Minutes

    General introductions and explanation of how we can help drive more business to your company.

  • Kickoff Call - 1 Hour

    Learning more about your business and how we can target your perfect customer.

  • Keyword/Audience Research - 7 Days

    Our team will dive into the keyword and audience research to draft your campaign.

  • Draft Review and Loading of Campaign - 2 Days

    You will be presented with a draft of your campaign for review, then we will load the final product into AdWords or Facebook.

  • Launch - Instant!

    Once you give the OK, we will flip the switch and watch the leads come in!

  • Maintenance - Ongoing

    Making frequent adjustments to your campaign to improve performance over time.

Our Industry Experience

  • eCommerce
  • SASS
  • General Contracting
  • HVAC
  • Dental Practices
  • Non-Profits
  • Plumbing
  • Event Marketing
  • Men's & Women's Apparel

and many more...

Some of Our Clients

Fresh Food Connect
Wespol Logo
Riversand Technologies
Energy Conference Network
Gulfstream Mergers and Acquistiions
Beacon Events

Client Testimonials

Dash PPC took our business to the next level. Josh helped us to identify KPIs that fit with our overall go-to-market strategy, and delivered results that matched (and often exceeded) expectations. When something needed additional explanation, he was able to relay information in a way that made sense for both beginners and veterans in digital marketing. And when additional requests arose to focus around specific products and categories, he built out unique campaigns that helped us reach our goals with conversions, traffic, brand building and more. I would highly recommend Dash PPC to any business!
Stephen Norris - Digital Marketing Manager - Penn Jersey Paper

I have worked with Josh / Dash PPC over the last several years, bringing him on during my role at two separate companies where he successfully managed campaigns across multiple industries and types of organizations. He is organized with his reporting, openly shares insight, and provides data-driven advice, all the while being professional, responsive, and launching projects in timely manner. I greatly appreciate that he goes out of his way to ensure proper tracking is in place and everything is correctly integrated to meet the unique needs of our business.
I have recommended him to colleagues in the industry and multiple clients who have worked with Josh and experienced success with their campaigns, as well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone out there looking to optimize and maximize their PPC campaigns.
Sara Pettit - Head of Revenue Marketing - Riversand Technologies

Josh is a master at his craft. When we signed on to work with Dash-PPC, his initial review of our account and recommendations made an immediate impact on our results. He got started with us nearly same-day, no long ramp up time. Josh not only helped re-organize our campaigns and targeting, but also provided strategy and spend changes to maximize our budgets and ensure all tracking and reporting was accurate and timely. Knowing I have an expert in our corner is incredibly valuable to me as a marketer.
Megan Miller - Director, Growth Marketing - Attentive

Josh is an excellent PPC professional. He is super communicative, follows direction well, and drives results. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a paid search account management as he will execute effectively and efficiently, helping you to get the results you want.
Nicole Ciomek - President - Radiant PPC