We are Dash PPC Consulting

Dash PPC is a powerhouse with a combined 10 years of experience in digital marketing. Our main focus is our customers, and we'll make sure that you're fully satisfied by the results of your pay-per-click campaigns. Budgets large or small, we help them all.

Who we are.

Josh Pack

Founder / Paid Search – Follow on LinkedIn

Jessica Ratner

Social Media – Follow on LinkedIn


Even if you do not currently have any PPC campaigns running, we will create a campaign that matches your needs and your budget restrictions. We have had a lot of experience with researching keywords for any business in any industry to find what your potential customers are searching.


Have a campaign already, but not seeing the results you need? We will dig into your campaign and find where you can make better use of your budget, and drive more targeted traffic to your business. Whether it's better keyword or audience targeting, we will make your budget work for you.


Need some help with a different area of digital marketing? Let us know! We have experience in a wide range of topics within digital marketing, so we will be happy to give you advice, or refer you to a trusted partner that can.

How we work.

1 We take the time to discuss your business at length, making sure we know who your ideal customer is. We'll leave no stone left unturned as we ask where your profit can be found, so we can better target those individuals in your campaigns.

2 Now the research begins. We'll lock ourselves away for long hours as we research the keywords and audiences that you need to target in your campaigns to get in front of your ideal customer. This is always the most labor intensive part of the entire process.

3 Now we take action. We'll take the research we have and build the perfect campaign for your business. All campaign drafts will be provided for your approval and explained thoroughly before launch so you know exactly where your dollars are being spent.