Search Advertising for Fencing Contractors

Generate More Estimates

Looking for a tried and true way of generating more estimates for your residential or commercial fencing company? After spending $1 million+ on Google Ads, we have found the exact searches you need to target in Google to increase your call volume for fencing projects. These are people actively searching for a fencing contractor that services their area. Want to know what makes us different than any other agency?

The Strategic Advantage

We focus on the top 3 components that drive the most fencing estimates for our clients:

Google Ads Search Campaign

Our team will launch a precise Google Ads strategy targeting the most searched keywords in your service area. We know exactly what keywords lead to calls and estimates for fencing jobs with over $1 million in ad spend testing over the last 5 years.

Linking Google Ads & Google My Business

Something not many people do properly. When you link your Google Ads and Google My Business accounts together, a new ad placement becomes available for anyone looking for fencing services in Google Maps.

Google My Business SEO Optimization

So you have a Google My Business page for your company, now what? Our team of SEO experts will tune it up so your page has the best chance of appearing in the top listings when someone searches for "fencing companies near me".

How Will It Look?

Great question! Here are ads from clients of ours:



"Josh and his team are seriously amazing. I thought we had all the pieces in place to drive calls to my business with a professionally done website and a Google business page, but I was so wrong. After struggling for months to find a solution to receive more estimates, I happened to stumble upon Josh's services around Google Ads and SEO. Once we hired his team and they got started, we saw a lift in calls almost within the first 7 days. After a month, our schedule was packed and we had to hire a new crew. I can't recommend his services enough." - Lancaster, OH Fencing Contractor

"Don't hesitate! I started working with Josh's team when the pandemic hit and I was struggling to generate estimates for my crew. After 2 weeks, the phones were ringing again and the calls we were getting we even better quality compared to what we were seeing before. Josh knew exactly what was going wrong and had us back to work!" - Dallas, TX Fencing Contractor

Measurable Results

By far, one of the greatest benefits of advertising through Google, and Pay-Per-Click advertising in general, is that you will know where every dollar of your budget is being spent and exactly how many leads were generated. Whether the individual submitted a contact form on your website or called your business directly, we will be able to track and provide you with an accurate cost-per-lead for any time frame.

Have an Existing Google Ads Consultant You Work With?

With other agencies, your account can sometimes get lost in the shuffle and will not be updated as much as it should. The majority of the time, this revolves around: no conversion tracking enabled, lack of updates to ad copy, not using new features made available, and not adjusting keyword bids based on performance. Here at Dash PPC, we ensure that your account is adjusted on a weekly basis based on your performance, so you see continued improvement under our service.

If you are interested in having us take a look at your existing account, please reach out and we would be happy to provide you with a free account audit!

We only support 1 client per service area so act now to reserve your spot!